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Hi, it is lovely weather this morning.  After the school run I went out for a walk with my puppy (maisy)
She is a 14 week old Golden Retriever.  I am finding this quite a challenging stage at the moment
as she only likes to relieve herself inside the house.  Hope she changes her mind soon, (touch-wood).
What is good is that you can go for a walk in the woods without 
looking like a strange woman walking alone.

It is just the second day of posting. When I look at other peoples blogs
 I'd love to know how this person lives,
what's his/her interior like, what they're interested in, and how they've created things.
Yes, I am nosy but this is my interest and I love getting lots of lovely ideas from other people.
So I thought I should introduce myself too. 
Well slowly,  I have to clean my house first before I can take photos.

My favorite room in our house is the Kitchen, especially around the washing area.
I don't have a view to die for so I made it into my own little gallery.
This way the area doesn't have the stereotypical domestic vibe to it. 
Despite not looking practical, it's a surprisingly easy space to use.
I can leave lots of washings in the sink or around it without it being blatantly obvious.
 Most of the time your eyes go to the paintings, and when you have friends over for dinner or tea
you don't feel the annoying urge to wash up so that it looks tidy,
that way you can enjoy your time with your friends and relax.

I love my paintings 
they are my over 15years of collections

I will introduce my lest of kitchen when presentable!
but I have little picture when I sold my old kitchen table on the eBay .


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