London walk

Day out in London
spend sometime in TATE and walk by the river towards to Westminster is
lovely way to spending a day.


Floating stairs

Stairs can make a room.  That's something I've definitely discovered. 
Also by having floating stairs you waste a lot less space. You can put desks, seating, 
lighting or just keep it plain underneath. It helps make a space feel larger, which
is most peoples aim. My favourite materials for stairs is no doubt more industrial styles
(e.g. steel and rustic wood) i feel it gives more character to the room.  


Modern Courtyard

I have a very small boring courtyard area.  Looking for some inspirations to dressing up.
 I found very cool staff, but just... little bit beyond my reach ... 


Chair I love

I have a lot of want list ... wish list...
I am mad about these iconic chairs 

 swan chair : Arne Jacobsen 


 Charles and Ray Eames DKW chair

Arne Jacobsen : Egg Chair

  ”Sjuan” Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen 

Eames  Lounge Chair 


La vie en vert

Being surrounded by a beautiful set of greenery brings
me a sense of tranquility. It has a certain charm which draws me in.
In my dream house, I would have ivy growing up walls, an old steel and glass orangery
with flowers hanging from the ceilings and walls and not to forget a space to myself, a place to read, relax and paint, preferably by a river with trees surrounding on my wooden swinging chair. 

I'd just love to have somewhere like this. the sound of music garden really is quite pretty.