Just Got To Do It!

A Happy New 2012!!

My daughter Fuji and I have decided to achieve lots of new things this year..

This Blog is one of them.  But this is the one tricky one! Continuing is the key word here.
And Achieve!!  (for Fuji Studying is the top of the list ! .......this is mum talking)

As I do a job as a buyer for antique and vintage items I thought it would be more fun introducing people to where we went and what nice stuff we saw sitting in the shop windows and the items we found!  

Last weekend we went to LONDON, Spitalfields Market.

1st Saturday of every month the VINTAGE MARKET is on. We had fun shopping there. 

These are the items we got

Well my mobile photograph skills are in need of a lot improvement, 
meanwhile I borrowed a couple of much better pictures from this sweet blog.

Here is a photographer's beautiful photos too

Yes these are the photos I took..............pretty bad....


Lets hope we all have a lovely 2012!! xx

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