bring green

I am looking for a large house plant for my living room.  Choosing them, finding them is harder than I thought.  I've narrow down to few type of plants but can be wrong size or wrong shapes,
not enough leaves... next would be finding lovely gorgeous large pot or container or basket... 



Wall Decorating

 Walls are like big blank canvases, they're just begging for someone to decorate them. 
For my personal bedroom I've let myself go all out there and got out a big ruler out and done some modern abstract pattern on my wall. I did debate over the use of wallpaper or some other texture
and at the time researched further into it. The possibilities of what to do with walls are endless and then there's matching it to the rooms interior, all in all what you do to your walls can make or break a room.
Here are some of the ideas I looked into and simply just enjoyed looking at.

there is more beautiful images : via

The Glade bar at London Sketch

bold wallpapers like this are good for bathrooms.

Hotel Wiesler

Rue Magazine (May 2012 Issue). Photography by Laure Joliet. Design by Tamara Honey.

although the walls are only one colour, the paneling and patterned floor makes it feel like there is enough going on in the room.

(a bit O.T.T. for me but none the less it brings a smile.)

exposed brick make a nice alternative to proper wallpaper or paintings