mood board for modernism

I'm currently in the process of starting an art project in the school. What i do is entirely me choice and therefore chose modernist architecture. After an introduction I moved on to inspiration. Throughout the week I've been collecting up pictures, despite the fact that not all relate to architecture the pictures come together to make a good mood board.


Cleaning Tip (Taps)

Hi, monday morning is my cleaning day.  
My task of the day was clearing my bath tap ( toooo much lime scale ) 
  it's splashing water every where.  and as it's no longer  unscrewed, I'm finding it not so easy to clean.
I did try a couple different ways of cleaning it but none were very easy .  
I've been watching my daughter make stuff out of balloons this weekend, 
I thought they were quite flexible and tuff.  With a little imagination I found that this is the easiest way to clean taps.
You can just cut  the top off a ballon, and depending on the tap size you can adjust the opening.
Next you just put in the cleaning liquid, I used vinegar (best use a white vinegar). 
 I have used the bleach before it was too strong and it peeled off  the chrome and damaged my taps. 


not just chocolate

My friend spent a romantic weekend with her husband in Bruges (Belgium).
She kindly brought back some beautiful chocolate which 'my' name on the package.
I love these kind of presents!! ... and I love chocolate! Preferably dark.


before after

I do like this.


What to do...

I've previously mentioned how i enjoy knowing what my possibilities are, to know what kind of things I have the time and ability to do.


Cake in Jar

I am so hungry! I am on a diet and I keep looking at all these lovely foods.
These cake jars caught my eye,  as they're presented in such a lovely way, it's defiantly an idea I shall copy!! 

coconut whipped cream

How about this a brilliant idea. 
Lovely alternative of daily/ sugar /gluten-free whipped cream.
I love my cream on top of coffee, cakes I would even like with some roast meet and hot indian curry. 
I feel less guilt with this coconut whipped cream.

cook for life


my dream wedding

Ahhhhh lovely, these kind of setting are what I would like for my wedding.
Well if the next one comes up........

Style Me Pretty 


Clever Marketing

I am so easy target for marketing.
This innocent smoothies were so cute, I had have to buy one or two or three or more.

 I thought that I had a good excuse for buying these smoothes. 
 These wooly hats, it did look good for my daughter's Babie doll's little head.
But they were too big, they were fine for my-scene  doll's head though.
Oh yes! They are defiantly good for you!! 

(This was couple month ago)



Iv'e always enjoyed knowing what i can make. I say "knowing what i can make" because in the end i never actually make anything no matter how much i want to. The best things are the little odd bits that you can easily make with common recourses and in little time.

other sites;


Auction House

I went to the viewing for tomorrows antiques and general auction.
I found a few items I like,  but I am still wondering which one I really want !......?