Something I am always interested in, or I should say pulls me to it, is Ruins.
They're just so fascinating!  Since I was little, as little as 4years old. 
I walked into old, unused buildings or tried to find war time bunkers.
I loved spending time on my own, for hours I went out.
Nowadays you could never imagine a little child going out by his or herself.

Last year I visited a place in Kent, it was a huge development site which 
used be an edwardian time hospital. 
  I visited this site for my work so I was not planing to walk into the those buildings.
But me being me, I asked forman if I could look around these buildings.  
He told me that the buildings aren't stable so it's best only to look at the buildings from 
outside. ( He gave me a helmet for health and safety!)

I looked around the buildings and looked at the inside from the broken windows and used door ways.
I was speechless, well... there was nobody there to chat with anyway. 
Everything about this building was so fascinating, broken doors ,windows which lay on the floor. And there was one room which had an operational chair in.
Some rooms still had fire places, wide skirting board, picture rails and under what looks like 1970's wallpaper, there was a very pretty little floral wallpaper showing through. 
Wall tiles and floor tiles, old carpet (looks like 1950's Heals) and when I noticed I walked inside the building (they were all jointed) up stairs and down stairs.  It was Just "fascinating!!"


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