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Beautiful morning again! always helps start the day.
It's a bit cold but coffee tastes better on a day like this.
As part of introducing myself, I thought i would introduce my collections.
I love collecting a lot of different things and if possible ones which are original.
Candleholders are the one I collect most.

Fritz Nagel and Ceasar Stoffi's candleholder : 1965/70's made in Germany and is 
my latest purchase.  I bought it from an antique fair in Belgium last summer.
I had an eye on this candleholder for quite sometime and finally 
found the lovely original ones. 
When you get closer and look through them, they gives you the feel of walking into a metal woodland. Of course it's a great sculpture too. 

Loop Candle Holder 

I love this, it's made from nickel and think it's better than the steel ones. 

This one is a present from my friend whom runs a lighting company.
They are made as christmas gift for his clients.
A beautiful, simple design. Each piece is very, very heavy, before I opened the package I thought he brought me a brick for my present. It's very special as it's a limited edition.

Antiques... well, they're homely aren't they?

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