Cleaning Tip (Taps)

Hi, monday morning is my cleaning day.  
My task of the day was clearing my bath tap ( toooo much lime scale ) 
  it's splashing water every where.  and as it's no longer  unscrewed, I'm finding it not so easy to clean.
I did try a couple different ways of cleaning it but none were very easy .  
I've been watching my daughter make stuff out of balloons this weekend, 
I thought they were quite flexible and tuff.  With a little imagination I found that this is the easiest way to clean taps.
You can just cut  the top off a ballon, and depending on the tap size you can adjust the opening.
Next you just put in the cleaning liquid, I used vinegar (best use a white vinegar). 
 I have used the bleach before it was too strong and it peeled off  the chrome and damaged my taps. 

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